Why does my bag have marks that appear to be stains or scratches?

Before being upcycled into bags, all of the sails we use have previously been used on boats. We take great care to wash every sail before sewing, however, you may still notice some signs of use and natural aging from rust, water, or sun that all tell the story of the sail’s previous adventures. We think of these markings as just one of the elements that makes each LI/NE bag one-of-a-kind and as a celebration of their unique history and upcycled nature.


Are the bags waterproof?

The sail material we use for our bags is inherently water-resistant and offers protection from spraying.


Why does my bag have a different look and feel compared to other bags I’ve purchased from LI/NE?

Every LI/NE bag is made from a unique portion of the sail - and every donated sail we receive is also unique.  As a result, each of our bags may exhibit unique characteristics, including material, weight, texture, text, stitching, tell-tales/ticklers and more.  This makes each of our bags distinct and one-of-a-kind. 


How do I clean/care for my bag?

To keep your LI/NE bag looking fresh and ensure it remains a cherished accessory in your wardrobe, we recommend spot treatment as the primary care method. If spot treatment is not sufficient, machine washing on a gentle cycle at 30°C is suitable.  Machine washing is recommended primarily for Dacron sailcloth (white sails) and is not recommended to be used frequently in order to maintain the integrity of any trims (handles, zippers, etc.) If your bag has any detachable elements, we advise removing these before machine washing.


Do you offer repair services?

We do offer repair services for our bags, but please note that repair costs will vary based on the extent of the damage and the amount of labour needed. For information on how to send your bag in for repair, please contact lily@linebags.ca